Color, with a side of wedding.

This inspiration board makes me full on smile. Perhaps anytime I see loads of colors, I smile. But I'm thinking it's because it seems so laidback, warm, and full of life. 

Photo Spot Inspiration Post #2


Those are fighting words.

I'm not very patient when it comes to waiting for spring flowers to bloom. Eerrrr. But peony, for you, I would wait forever.

Or at least a few more months.


If you're wondering....

.... I'm in complete love with this wedding. I love it. I want to be it for Halloween.

Sorry. Had to sneak a Will and Grace reference in.

This is a story....

of a Real Worlder turned wedding planner.


It's best to start my day...

with a blog.

Want some fun inspiration for a good save the date, that spins off from the ol' photobooth version? This one's perfect. Go check out Brooklyn Bride for more super creative approaches to Save the Dates.


Yes, please.

A turkish tradition is to have your single bridesmaids sign the bottom of your wedding shoes. Legend says that whose name fades the most, after all your mad partying, is the most likely for marriage next.

I wonder if the same person would catch the bouquet, too?

stich n' biotch.

I've been getting a jumpstart on holiday gifts this year, by thinking up a boatload of DIY projects. I mean, I don't know about you, but this chick is broke! So, I'm getting back to my creative roots.

Well, I saw this embroidery article on A Disney Wedding and it immediately reminded me of my Grammy. She was the first person to teach me how to embroider (sp?), and I always remember spending a summer in Pennsylvania... working on one project. I'm thinking that I could make her something as a Christmas gift, to show her what she's taught me how to do. And how every time I see those cross-stiches, I think of her.

Come to think of it, I never did finish that project that one summer.

Bunny Kisses

Jennifer Murphy makes one of a kind bears, and other "silly things" as she describes on her website. But this ceramic bunnies, takes the cake. Hah, get it?

And I'm pretty sure Mr. Tyrone Bigguns, my bunny lover, would approve of me having this cake topper.


Clickity Click.

I would like to come up with an alternative to the expensive photobooth (but if I were miss moneybags, I'd so jump on it!).
I've been thinking about putting together a photospot, like many others have done recently....where people can take their own picture become part of a scrapbook guest book. And for those that know me well, I am a scrapbook lover.
The only thing I'm thinking, is that I will probably need someone to "man" the photospot. It's a hard call. But, I definitely want to look into this idea a bit more.


ball pits are for kids.

So Melvin, Mr. Dale, and I all went to Ocala this weekend for some kiddie birthday fun. It was Kaitlynn's 2nd birthday party, and a lot of fun. We went to a mexican restaurant when we first got into town, and got some good news. They're expecting child numero dos!

So this bird mobile post is for them. And soon to be baby.


Take that.

So this week I picked up my first batch of silk flowers for bouquets/ centerpieces. I got a tip that a floral store in town was having a liquidation sale, and a semi-popular craft store as well. So what did I do? I RAN. Directly into the arms of $1 a stem silk flowers, and 50% off peonies.
Now, I did not get much. This, is because it is fall. Kind of winter. But really fall. Which means that if my colors where orange, red, and gold.... I'd be gold. Unfortunately, I have spring colors (and a spring wedding). So, I got a bit.
Still, I got a bit, on sale.
Booya, sucky economy. Take that.


Give me the dish.

My Mom sent me a link to this 3-tiered jewelry stand. It's handmade using a combination of new and vintage ceramic dishes. What an original idea, to even take it and use it as a wedding centerpiece.
Go Mom, great find.


Music Favors

Melvin has mentioned wanting to do personalized cd's, and I saw this on The Everyday Bride's blog and love it. These "vinyl cds" have a really retro feel, and are still technically the modern cd.


Ceremony Programs....

should definitely have some fun inspiration to them, like these (from the Knot.com) modeled after Cracker Jack boxes.


Thrift Store Vision

So my Mom and I are hitting up thrift stores while I'm on vaca, and I'm definitely trying to keep my eyes peeled for something like this. That candelabra, though I'm not really into long tapered candles.... is the bomb. If I can find some different ones, I can always drape crystals, flowers, really anything off of them... and get that chandelier "look" I'm trying to figure out.

Wish me luck.



Double date.

I'll be sure to wear my best.

October means....


Done deal.

Holy Crap.

That's what I said out loud, the SECOND I saw these fridge decals.


I guess we all need some creative ways to stop from mindless munching. Christmas list, perhaps?


Tu es muy bonita.

In Western tradition, an engagement ring is worn by a woman to represent her engagement to be married. In the United Kingdom, it's worn on the left-hand ring finger, while in other countries like Poland and the Ukraine, it is often worn on the right-hand.
I think we can all agree though, that no matter what hand you choose, the engagement ring is a silent "back up fella, this girl is taken."
The muffin shop is closed.


My ♥ belongs to you.

Indoors, outdoors, you are always shining bright.

How about we set a date, you + me, at my reception tables.

Chandelier, how I ♥ you.


Candles and cakes.

So no, these pictures of a birthday parties, are not wedding related. But isn't a wedding reception just one big party? I think so.

So I'm taking the time to enjoy some good ol' fashioned party pics.

You've got mail.

Need a card box? Yes.
Need a creative card box? Hell yes!

Leaving on a jetplane.

So these don't fit in with our theme at all, but they are still the bomb.com.

Save the dates, that look like passports? Knottie AmyinSydney was too smart. It's such a good way to sneak in any important info about traveling, activities, and wedding details.... while still looking so well done.

It also fit perfectly into her Hawaiin destination wedding.

Bubblegum Fun.

I haven't had my Martha fix for the day, yet.

So sue me.

Two thumbs way up.

Please, please, please, check out these shots from a wedding in NYC. The bride submitted her photos to Style Me Pretty, and they have such awesome use of color. From the last minute umbrellas, the comfy keds, and the hot pink flowers.... it's infused with life in every photo.
P.S. When you take a few minutes to head over to SMP and check 'em out... how about telling a sista what type of flowers these are?

Crayola Dreams.

Seriously my FAVORITE flowers, all in one place. Peonies and ranunculous are topping the list. The only thing I would change about this bouquet, is the lack of color. I would live my life in technicolor, given the choice.
So dip this baby in a bucket of bright fuschias, pinks, and creamy pinks.... and I'm sold.
And check out the wedding it's from, absolutely stunning.


If I get married, I want to be very married.

I bought Funny Face tonight, for only $4. And let me just say, I can't get enough of that Audrey Hepburn. In fact, the first inspiration behind the wedding design, stemmed from her. Her grace, simplicity, and charm.
But to clarify, the theme is not Breakfast at Tiffanys.


Dance, dance.

The decision's already been made, to have an "Ipod Wedding." Between saving money, already having a mad amount of tunes, and the need to avoid anything remotely "dj-like".... Ipod it is.
To be specific, I've been corrected by Melvin that is a laptop wedding. Errr. Tomato, To-ma-to.
Now, all we need is to recruit a tech-savvy friend to be the music person. That, and find a speaker system slash microphone items that will be needed.

Dinner Time.

I grew up always playing scrabble with my Mom. And she wasn't one of those Moms that just let you win. You had to work for it. So it was pretty funny to run into these escort cards.

Pass the Crack.

I'm a total office supply nut, so this is for all you other nuts out there. I sometimes joke that maybe I've taken so long in college, because I alsolutely am addicted to having notepads, pens, binders, and paperclips. They're like crack to me. But, less illegal.

So if you need a little "fix" to keep you going, check out Russel + Hazel for some free wedding templates, and a boatload of other terrific items.

Muscari is currently being featured in Weddings Unveiled Fall 2008. And a Muscari ring bearer cushion was recently featured in the August/September 2008 issue Modern Bride.

Perhaps, it's something worth you checking out?

Drag out the Christmas tree, so you can put my gift underneath.

So I stumbled across http://www.polandbymail.com/ and I think that you should, too. I'm half polish, my Mom is all polish. And Polart is a super place to find all things Polish.

Some polish wrapping paper, for the holidays.

And here's a sweet wall mounted map of Poland in 1939.

and these shirts.
P.S. Expect them on my Christmas wish list.


McDonalds, watch out.

Everything is cooler, in miniature form.