go ahead, tell me.

Perhaps this can give you an idea of what I'm looking for, for my maids.
I want some fashion forward, fun accessories that pull the whole sha-bang together.
They are all wearing black cocktail dresses, of their choice, and I want something that unifies their look.

Maybe my question is, is why is it so hard to find these beauties in shades of pinks?? And when I do find what I want, it's like hella expensive.


attention, fashionistas.

Be proud on your honeymoon. Go on, tell the world...

"I'm not only a tourist, but a newlywed, too!"


too busy for words.

for those of you that don't know this, i make stuff. and it's gotten a bit busy, so my apologizes on the lack of posting.

well i decided to start another blog to feature my art, other people's art, and the inspiration behind it all.

but no fear, i'll still be wedding blogging it up fo' sho.


flowers. flowers. flowers.

Oh light pink silk ranunculus, will I ever find you?
It sure doesn't feel like it.

2 tickets, please.

I would love to have engagement photos at a county fair. Shots on the ferris wheel, eating cotton candy, seeing the Fiance with an ear of corn. It's exactly what I've had in my head, for what our pictures would look like.
If you can't imagine it, like I can, go look here.

we're not in kansas anymore.

If I had pursued my Wizard of Oz theme, these red shoes would have been perfect.
Go see the beauty. Now.


If I were Martha Stewart, I would so rock this DIY project: #1

I want to do sparklers for an exit, and Style Me Pretty features a DIY post on creative packaging.

I can't say if I would do this, because it does seem like an awful lot of work for a quick exit. However, it would probably add an awesome touch to tying everything together.

Consider this my first post of a new series, "If I were Martha Stewart, I would so rock this DIY project." Hah.

No bubbles, please.

Need an alternative to bubbles, rice, or birdseed?

Here it is.

Jaclyn and Kevin had party blowers for their guests instead. Genius.


Briday Party Beatdown.

Learn a thing or two.

And maybe even avoid yourself a punch to the face, from an angry bridesmaid.