oh yeah.

Remember in the beginning of the blog, how I mentioned wanting a school bus to tote the whole bridal party around, on the wedding day?


I still do.

my love.

I think of my BFF's wedding when I look at this cake topper, complete with 1920s styled bride and groom and music notes scrolling throughout the base.

Out of my price range, but def a beauty.



garland bliss.



on a little hot mess.

I gave my girls the option to wear any black cocktail length dress of their choice. I encouraged for them to find fashion forward, versatile dresses that they could wear again. I sent them an email letting them know some guidelines, to help point them in a good direction. But overall, I hope to see different versions of a fancy, black cocktail dress.

Saturday Bash: Greetings.

We are not only having our wedding day ceremony and reception, but we are also having a day after Saturday Bash. This made it possible for us to include our close friends and family that we couldn't invite to the actual wedding day/ reception.

In my head, I see lots of mason jars with candles hanging from the trees. Sitting on tables. Lighting up the backyard as it gets dark outside.

And smores being made over a little bonfire.

And our photobooth set up for more pictures.

Balloon me over.

I thought about having really big balloon details at our Saturday Bash (the day after reception). But now I'm thinking it would be a really cute photo prop detail for the bridesmaid photos.

I want to take some pictures with the bridesmaids before the ceremony, I just hadn't figured out where or what they would look like. I know that I want them youthful, and playful, and vibrant. I know at least that.

Now the fiance, wants his boys to take preceremony photos at the local comic book store. Pretty dang cool.

I think that balloons are a start.



Rice is just not my thang.

So I think I'd like this even more than people ringing bells.