List Making Fool.

My goal's this next week:

1. St Margaret Mary- set up test date, and saturday course date.
2. Catering- Puff n' Stuff Wednesday 10am and River City Catering 1pm. Reschedule Levan's appointment for 330pm. DONE!
3. Centerpiece- begin looking for candles, and candle holders.

Background Goals:
1. DJ- make appointments with DJ's for following week. Ugh, DJs.
2. Flowers- make appointments with Jonathon's Flowers. Look for additional florists.


The end.

And of course only the beginning.


Centerpieces were big fluffy pink and cream flowers inside of shabby chic vases and flower holders.
The coordinating pieces, all complemented each other but didn't work against each other. Definitely something only two wedding planners could pull off so seamlessly.

Need a "something blue?" They had beautiful baby blue table runners, draping their long reception tables.

We want to alternate our tables between long style and circle style.

And of course, we want to boogie down like they did. We may not have a flower painted dance floor, but we'll have just as much fun.


Actual love letters are always a great touch at a cake table.

And one simple, but totally elegant flower completes an escort card and menu.


Inspired by flea market style and Sofia Coppola's Marie Antoinette, every detail was thoughtfully planned out, for these wedding planner love bugs.

And let me just say, I just spent two days searching blogs to find the pictures of this wedding again.... as it is a CONSTANT inspiration to what I think is beautiful in weddings.

So prepare for the body slam of pictures.

Are you ready?

Goodie Baskets for Bridesmaids.

Beka had pink macarons for the ladies to snack on while getting ready.

A tux by Giorgio Armani purchased just three days before the wedding.

The silk flower Beka wore in her hair was a gift from her sister.

And a really pretty birdcage veil that adds a vintage touch.

Her tulle gown was by Monique Lhuillier. And Beka worked with the seamstress at Suky Occasions to create a two-piece dress, with the bottom two tiers as a separate and removable piece.


hit the right note

So we've talked about paper cones for french fries, during cocktail hour, and these are so glam. I especially love the idea of it being made of a copies of the Polish Wedding March, which is ordinarily played at the beginning of a traditional Polish wedding reception.

Mel has also talked about designing sheets of old toy ads, or vintaged newspaper rolled up.


My STD (sh*t to do) List:

1. Ceremony- working on it. St. Mary Magdalen here we come.
2. Reception- Lake Mary Event Center.
3. Photography- Ben Sasso.
4. Catering- working on it. have a catering appointment next week with Levans.

My less important STD List:

1. Cake- tasting scheduled. two actually. but not until my momma comes to visit.
2. Music- momma wanted more options than an ipod wedding. so i'm checking djs. blah, too expensive.
3. Dress- goal one, less than 7 weeks away. Eerrr.

Jesus on Speed Dial

Most important things in a wedding?

Melvin. Check.
Me. Check.
Officiant. Errr. Working on it.

On that note, meet the church that I was baptised in. I made a call to get a certified copy of my baptismal certificate sent to the church I belong to, in order to set the ceremony date.

Too bad I accidently called the Pastor's home phone. Oops.
Thanks Pastor Dr. Roy Lewis. You're da bomb.

Mustachio Portrait Station

This quirky couple found these wooden mustaches on a stick from Something's Hiding in Here.

Me <---- completely jealous.


Trix are for Kids

My engagement ring, won't be the only rock candy at our wedding.

I'm going to attempt this DIY project for our centerpieces, to get the whole "chandelier" thang I love so much. And can you believe that the "crystals" are made from rock candy!! Just add some ribbons in coordinating wedding colors, and it can be a great alternative to having flowers on the tables.
I strongly encourage you to hike on over to once wed for some details on the hows.

not just for birthday parties, anymore.

Garlands always make me happy. Paper rings, cloth triangles, happy birthday signs.... it's all good.

And please, make sure that you don't let the wedding cake feel left out.

Welcome Back.

So I'll kick start the year off with a fantastic wedding cake topper, featuring a bunny bride and man. Now, Melvin thinks the idea of a man marrying a rabbit is absolutely unnerving. So in order to get him on board, I had to ask the etsy artisian if she could make a bunny bride and bunny groom.

"That's okay."

Well good, because I've already placed the order.