Pssst: I bought my shoes.

oh lord.

1. Guest book.
2. Book Moonwalker.
3. Photobooth.
4. Make Mustache Stick Favors.
5. Saturday Bash Decorations.
6. Book Rehearsal Dinner.
7. Buy rock candy and ribbon.
8. Reception alcohol.
9. Table runner.
10. Large pink balloons.
11. Plan ceremony.
12. Flower bouquets.
13. Honeymoon.

It's business time.

This girl is the reason I all but disappeared from the blogosphere. My best friend got married, and everything went great.

The ceremony was held in a local park, with only really close friends and family. Then with an even smaller group, we had dinner at BBKings with blues music and yummy food.

And to finish the night, we went downtown for drinks.

Super fun.

But, with 95 days to go before I get married......

It's time to get down to business.

I'm back.

So I decided to leave you with this beauty.


oh yeah.

Remember in the beginning of the blog, how I mentioned wanting a school bus to tote the whole bridal party around, on the wedding day?


I still do.

my love.

I think of my BFF's wedding when I look at this cake topper, complete with 1920s styled bride and groom and music notes scrolling throughout the base.

Out of my price range, but def a beauty.



garland bliss.



on a little hot mess.

I gave my girls the option to wear any black cocktail length dress of their choice. I encouraged for them to find fashion forward, versatile dresses that they could wear again. I sent them an email letting them know some guidelines, to help point them in a good direction. But overall, I hope to see different versions of a fancy, black cocktail dress.

Saturday Bash: Greetings.

We are not only having our wedding day ceremony and reception, but we are also having a day after Saturday Bash. This made it possible for us to include our close friends and family that we couldn't invite to the actual wedding day/ reception.

In my head, I see lots of mason jars with candles hanging from the trees. Sitting on tables. Lighting up the backyard as it gets dark outside.

And smores being made over a little bonfire.

And our photobooth set up for more pictures.

Balloon me over.

I thought about having really big balloon details at our Saturday Bash (the day after reception). But now I'm thinking it would be a really cute photo prop detail for the bridesmaid photos.

I want to take some pictures with the bridesmaids before the ceremony, I just hadn't figured out where or what they would look like. I know that I want them youthful, and playful, and vibrant. I know at least that.

Now the fiance, wants his boys to take preceremony photos at the local comic book store. Pretty dang cool.

I think that balloons are a start.



Rice is just not my thang.

So I think I'd like this even more than people ringing bells.


don't forget the sunscreen.

If you really knew me, then you would know hands down how much I l.o.v.e. this wedding from Offbeat Bride. It was super crafty, mucho handmade, and EXTRA flamingo-y.


a whole day, with the Big Man.

One of the important things still left on my to-do list was attending the Pre Cana workshop with the fiance. We have had the registration form, since the spring.

So I called today to see if there even was any availability left for this year, thank the stars there was! As an exception, we are going to do ours next weekend!

::phew:: One big thing almost done.


let me air my dirrty laundry.

They came! The silk flowers from afloral.com came, and I love them! They shipped super duper quickly (I barely just ordered them), they were packaged really securely, and I'm so happy about what the flowers actually look like in person.

I was mostly worried about what the flowers I purchased, were going to look like when they got to me. I've seen those reality shows where they send off for a "great deal" on some "beautiful flowers." And what they get is a rip off for some butt ugly buds.

And you know, I really love them.

My laundry list of flowers:

I'm super stoked.


feeling lucky?

Wouldn't this be the sweetest sentiment to give to someone you love?


double love. the boy, and the flowers.

So me and the Fiance went to Old Time Pottery today, looking for some mason jars. Instead, we found some light pink ranunculus flowers!!! I've been looking times three, and haven't found a single stem. Online, in stores, wholesale websites... nothing. And then, on a whim we wandered into the flower section.

And there they were.

I am thrilled.

Now, technically I only found 7 stems worth of them (one stem is two full flowers and one bud), so I still want more. But, I have hope again.

And better yet, now I have some light pink flowers that I love.
**UPDATE: So I did it. I finally ordered silk flowers from afloral.com, that I've been looking at for way too long. I ordered a boatload of fuschia ranunculus, several light pink peonies, some light pink carnations, and some miniature pink ranunculus.

Now, I just have to wait.


superstar shower gifts

Home repair has never been so fashionable.


under the sea.

i've talked about getting my girlfriends together to have a "prom night" for so long, that I'm half tempted to just buy this beauty. imagine just dressing up in loads of tulle, going out for a fancy dinner, maybe walking around walmart (hah), then having a house party decorated with a theme.

but, i'm a complete fan of having your bridesmaids wear vintage prom dress look-alikes. it would be completely adorable.

mr. bigguns gives two thumbs up.

So the material, at the very bottom, just might be the material I purchase for the head table runner. It's called Bunny Damask. I think I'm in love.

Plus, it's pink.

Double love.


some strong consideration.

How crazy would this be as an alternative to flower bouquets?

I'm just not sure about the flower thang. And we've got a pretty playful theme. Tootsie Roll pops maybe?

Maybe even using something else to beefcake it up a bit.
**UPDATE: After finally hitting some good luck and finding the flowers that I want, this idea is shelved. However, I think I'll do this for the rehearsal. Give all the girls tootsie roll pops? Yeah, sounds good.

Hello, disappointment. Nice to meet you.

You can imagine my frustration when I found THE perfect bridesmaid dress for my BFF's wedding in November.....

and it was sold out.

Back to square one.

remember when, we just.

Not everyone can pull off a vintage engagement shoot.


got the blues

I've never been so inlove before. Oh Betsey, I will have you. Someday.

Bow Tie Beauty.

This is a super spinoff of menswear details for your bridal women. I especially love the suspender touch, connecting to the mixed vintage and modern chains.
You must, check out Old Soul New Heart.


Note to self:

To mail the registration for Precana. For reals.



bonnie and clyde it.

So far, we aren't booking anything professional. In fact, to consider the budget we will just work with what we've got. And by that, we'll either use our own car for the wedding day unless something better pops up.

We have talked about chauffering around my bff and her fiance for their wedding day coming up. So then they can ride in style, and smooch it up in the backseat. While me and my boy sit awkwardly in the front seat. Hah. JK.

Or am I?


wish on more than just stars.

Wouldn't this be the sweetest sentiment to give to someone you love?


can't run[ner] from it.

This just may be, what I had in mind for the table runner.


little black dress.

So I went "fake dress shopping" with my maid of honor the other week. We went out looking for appropriate bm dresses, for each one of our weddings. Then, tried on a few... and took pictures to use as examples for our bridal party ladies.

If you remember, I am having them pick out their own black, dress. Which means they should all have completely different styles, since many of them are so different from one another.

By giving some guidelines, and sending some pictures, I hope this will make it a bit more stress free. I can't wait to see what dresses each bm picks out!!


string me along, please.

My fiance has been working on the save the dates, and what I've seen, so far I've loved.

But isn't this idea from Martha Stewart adorable?


double dog dare.

I am officially announcing that I am pursuing event coordination. Weddings, parties, bridal showers, the whole sha'bang.

I can't wait to reveal more.

I can't wait to show you what I can do.

It's time to make your dream a reality, too.


There are no words.

to show just how excited I am.

I can't believe it! When I first told my fiance about wanting a version of a photobooth, this is exactly what I had in mind. Don't get me wrong, I didn't come up with the idea. I actually saw it done once before. And after 13 months, finally, I've found it again! Woot!

Can you imagine, having a photowall where your guests can pop their heads into picture frames for great photo ops! I can already see, having my mustaches used as props. Mark my words, I am attempting this. According to kiss the groom it was made by covering wood with wallpaper, and hanging frames over the cutouts in the wood.

So first things first, go to Home Depot and price out some wood. ;)


wedding dress or jeans.

I love the idea of wearing pearls on my wedding day. I'm considering wearing the pearl set that my boy gave me, unless something else unfolds.

Totally beautiful accessory to rock in your wedding dress. And actually still wear it again.

spell it out for me.

I'm not personally into the whole monogram thang, but if I were, these vinyl decals would be perfect.

my BFFs bridal blowout shower.

Are you getting an idea of what I have in store? Oh yeah, Vegas, baby. Vegas.

I figure the theme is going to be "Lucky in Love." Think Vegas. Little White Wedding Chapel. Elvis and Priscilla. Lots of red, black, and white.

We both don't want really cookie cutter boring wedding showers, where you sit around and play lots of games. Instead, we want something fun and youthful. And entertaining! So, I'm hoping this will do the trick.

As far as games, I know we will have at least that one where you can't say the word "wedding," or you lose the clothespin. But, instead of a clothespin, we will have little red dice accessories. Either a bracelet, or pin. I've already bought these red dice from ebay, to make them from.

I definitely want to do a quiz, printed onto an oversized playing card. (My adorably accommodating fiance is helping with this!) And the invitations will be really Vegas, Little White Wedding Chapel-y.

I wish I could just find an Elvis cake topper, without paying an arm and a leg! Even a little figurine would be fine!!