Pssst: I bought my shoes.

oh lord.

1. Guest book.
2. Book Moonwalker.
3. Photobooth.
4. Make Mustache Stick Favors.
5. Saturday Bash Decorations.
6. Book Rehearsal Dinner.
7. Buy rock candy and ribbon.
8. Reception alcohol.
9. Table runner.
10. Large pink balloons.
11. Plan ceremony.
12. Flower bouquets.
13. Honeymoon.

It's business time.

This girl is the reason I all but disappeared from the blogosphere. My best friend got married, and everything went great.

The ceremony was held in a local park, with only really close friends and family. Then with an even smaller group, we had dinner at BBKings with blues music and yummy food.

And to finish the night, we went downtown for drinks.

Super fun.

But, with 95 days to go before I get married......

It's time to get down to business.

I'm back.

So I decided to leave you with this beauty.