like woah.

Suitcases are more versatile than I remember.


love him today, as if it were your wedding day.

After two straight weeks of rain, I was tickled green to see this creative approach to an indoor picnic, via Black*Eiffel.
I mean, isn't the whole point of planning a wedding centered around being madly in love? And does that mean I have to wait until the wedding, before doing something to show off that love?

H to the No I don't.

So I say, go find your hunny. Turn off the cell phone. And have a little cheese and boxed wine with your indoor suitcase picnic.

But first, go to Design*Sponge and learn the how and the to's.

bowties and banjos

Tec Petaja Photography needs some love. Go there now. Check out the backstory to these gorg pictures.


life after the wedding.

Consider this a continuation of the previous post.
Pinwheels and pop rocks featured this sexxy wedding shoe option on her blog, and I nearly pooped my pants. Figuratively.

It's got both the color I want, and has a super fun detail. Who doesn't love bows?

However, I am not Tyra Banks. I do not walk runways for a living. And I am not a professional stilt walker at Disney. Therefore, aren't 3 3/4" heels a smidge unrealistic?

On the flipside, I could begin my career as a pro basketball player once the whole wedding thang with done. With style, of course.

modern day glass slipper

Here's my first find, for shoes. I want hot pink shoes, and they aren't easy to find.
Too bad I can't find this one in pink anymore. I saw it featured on Style Me Pretty and nearly began an all out race to locate it online. Dang it.
But this one is always an option.


burn, baby burn

After reading this tutorial via My DIY Wedding Day on Calamity Kim, perhaps I will try to make them myself after all.

Then, they'll be exactly as I like.

Cross your fingers for me.


inspiration, bring it on.

I don't know if you've noticed, but my posts have been more and more frequently talking about overall style. My dress. Fiance's cufflinks. BPar-tay flowers. You get the drift.

I think at this stage of planning, I'm trying to nail the style of the wedding party. Now that I've got my dress (!) and veil out of the way, I can finally start looking for shoes and accessories.

As far as my bridesmaids, I've got only a couple things solidified.
Short, black cocktail dress. No cotton, or jersey knit, so that they are formal enough.
Solid black heels.

That's it.

And if you've read some of my previous posts, you may have seen some ideas for hair fascinators, headbands, barrettes. All sorts of good stuff. I just have to figure out exactly what I want. I know I want to incorporate color (shades of pink), and I want accessories that will tie each bridesmaid together. Because though they will all have black cocktail dresses, they will all be different styles.

So the search for style begins.

you've got mail.

hairy situation

Now that I've ordered my veil [which p.s. i can NOT wait to get it in the mail], my next job is to find a fascinator.
I'm not one for feathers. But I am all about tulle. In fact this one is pretty rad, it's just too bad it's not pink. :)
I will have to update later with the seller link (from etsy) because I lost the site info. Sorry!

more than meets the eye

The Fiance loves Transformers. You should see his room. So wouldn't these cufflinks be super fab?

He probably won't do anything like this, because [in his words] he "wants to look like James Bond.

I think Bond might love him a little O to the Prime.


He's not a good kisser, unless your foot pops.

If I didn't already have my perfect cake topper, this would so be the one.
Looks like the seller just got started on etsy, you should go check her out. Fo' sho'.


i'm going to felt you up.

I may have found an alternative to my paper flower bouquets.

Because, I've been a little hesistant about the paper flowers in the bouquets. Not in the centerpieces at all. But most certainly in the bouquets. Why?

Well, I haven't put a bouquet together before. And, I've tried tissue paper flowers before... and let me tell you it wasn't pretty. So needless to say I was a little worried about what I was attempting.

This on the other hand may be an idea worth attempting. Yay.

Sidebar: I already have boatloads of felt, since I make felt monsters for etsy. Score!


adorable DIY wedding shout out.

my next big project.

i think i can do it. but if i weren't so determined to DIY it, i would so go to her shop.
**UPDATE: I bought it. Loved it too much.**

bridesmaid swag

I've been trying to brainstorm some ideas for the loverly ladies in my bridal party.

They will all be wearing short, black cocktail dresses. With black heels.

So I want to have fun with colors in some fun accessories. I've been thinking about hair details, like those above from Cultivar. Headbands, bobby pins, fascinators, oh my!

And this would be the best way to bring in the color pink fo' sho.
Consider this my warning, dear blogosphere, of the many more posts to come around bridesmaid swag.

my first bridal shower gift.

My Mom is in town, if you didn't already know.

My Mom lives in the northern Georgia mountains, if you didn't already know.

My Mom doesn't like to waste money (especially on shipping costs), if you didn't already know.

Now you know.

So when we saw this at Williams and Sonoma, she bought it. Instead of shipping it down for my bridal shower, she figured buying it now and just giving it to me made more sense. And here I thought, giving me a wedding was gift enough.


It's probably time...

...to attempt the mustaches.
Darn my laziness.

pay it forward.

Today I met up with a knottie who had offered over 140 sparklers at no cost. They were leftovers from her wedding, and she didn't want them to go to waste.

What a nice sentiment, to help a fellow bride on a budget out.

So peeps, reuse + reduce + recycle your wedding swag. And you too, will put a smile on some other bride's face. :)

officially attacked by tulle

It happened. I finally gave in and went dress shopping, though I've been engaged since July 3rd.

It was me, my Mom, Momma Dos, and Bff Numero Uno. We went to Alfred Angelo's first, because there was one dress in particular that I am in total love with.

Here's the one.

But it did NOT look good. Nopes.

So after trying on like four total dresses, I wanted to head over to David's Bridal. Now, even though I've avoided trying dresses on... I'm a firm believer in doing a bit of wedding research. These aren't $50 dresses. I wanted to know what details I liked, and didn't like before getting to a pushy ::coughcough:: err, I mean, very helpful associate. In fact, going dress shopping I had written down the particular styles I wanted to try on before leaving.

Alfred Angelo had only one style (shown above) I knew I was trying on, and the rest I just kept an open mind and let the associate pull things that would supposedly fit well on my body type. At David's Bridal, I had a longer list. And I tried maybe two or three dresses. At least two, didn't even make it out of the dressing room.

Then I got to try on the one dress that I've loved the minute I saw it online, and the style number on the top of my list. Literally, I had memorized the style number. I could tell you right now, but the fiance does occasionally glance at my blog. And this girl is taking no chances. ;)

Looks like I found my dress.

The only size availabe in the store was a good two sizes smaller than what I would need, and I still knew that it was The dress.


So folks, what have we learned here today?

1. Do your research. Know what you like, what you don't like. And don't be afraid to speak up! (I sent a few dresses back out of the fitting room without trying on, that were NOT me.)

2. Be flexible like Gumby. Allow the associates to recommend dresses that would flatter your shape. Things that you may not have considered. Keep an open mind. (There was one dress that everyone loved, and I only had it because the associate suggested it to me.)

3. Go with your gut. The dress I loved online, on the hanger, and on MY BODY, made me smile. It helped that everyone else said they loved it, but mattered more that I loved it.

And the fiance? After telling him I found The dress... his only question was,

"Is it made of all denim?"

Because as long as we wear all denim from head to toe at our wedding, we'll be good to go. Thanks Britney and Justin, for inspiring couples everywhere.


i'm so It.

Jess at Project: 10K Wedding tagged me!!


8 things I look forward to:

living with Melvin
the wedding weekend festivities
my Mom visiting for a week and a half
not working for two weeks
moving to california
getting my etsy shop to take speed
seeing my BFF fall in love and get married :)
having my BM m. goldstein visit before she goes off to Berkeley

8 things I did yesterday:

watched Bride Wars with my Mom
went dress shopping for my Mom's wedding outfit (ps. she looks fab)
went to look at the reception location with my bff and Mom
played with Mr. Bigguns (my bunny bff)
cooked stuffed crab shells and baked potatoes for dinner
watched most of the Biggest Loser finale (3 hours, for reals?)
helped clean up dead doggy ashes from a carpet. ick. sad.
talked boys with the girls

8 Things I Wish/Hope I Could Do:

be a skinny minnie

be in a band

quit my job ;) err rather find a different one

pursue art full time

participate in a marathon

resist chocolate. it's impossible.

keep my room clean. it's impossible.

be an event planner

8 Shows I Watch:

one tree hill


how i met your mother


housewifes of nyc

extreme home makeover

biggest loser

any wedding show (let's just be honest)

8 People I am tagging are:

Melissa at M&M Wedding

Heather at We Met In a Bar

Amy at Fiance Meeting You Here

Kate at Kate's Wedding

J at Wedding Peephole

Jenna at That Wife

Pretty Bride

Everyday Bride


i can't avoid it any longer.

it's finally time.


ring tailed lemurs and flamingos.

I finally did it.
I have finally asked my last close girlfriend to be a bridesmaid.

::insert me jumping up and down with glee::

I have been stalling for some time now, because I'm not great at asking people for things. Well perhaps I should clarify. I am not great at asking people for things, if there is a chance they may say no.
So the idea of asking someone to be a bridesmaid, travel out of state, buy a dress and shoes, come to a rehearsal dinner, and whatever else may be associated with bridesmaidial duties...is a stretch for me.

But, the idea of not asking the people I did was not really an option. I couldn't imagine not having the girls I have, with me the day I get married. To have fun, get pretty, say a few vows, and let our hair down for the night- they were exactly who I would want by my side.

So glad I did it.


girlie style

I'm thinking of having an accessory to tie the bridesmaid's fashion together, and these satin barrettes rock.
I'm thinking shades of pink.


now's as good a time as ever...

...to mention my gift card/table ideas.

I would love to use vintage suitcases as a design influence. I was mostly inspired by That Bride who effectively had woven them into her wedding details. And we're considering a move after the wedding which would make the suitcase theme fit super perfect.
See her giftcard and well wishes table...
and her escort card table. Loverly.

And don't let me forget her awesome bridesmaid (one her one bridesman) pics featuring suitcases. But I'll let you wander over to her blog to check them out.



seriously, just do it already.