practice makes perfect

We were lucky enough to have our rehearsal dinner at our favorite local Chinese restaurant. It's family owned, super friendly, and incredibly delicious. Since we were having a full chinese buffet for our rehearsal dinner (and our 30something guest list), we though having these fun finger fortunes would be cool as favors.

I designed what I wanted the layout to look like, and the fortunes inside. Then Mel designed the look of them, with just a little bit of direction. I think they came out great, and we were able to connect the kind of feeling that the wedding day would have, during the rehearsal dinner.

The pictures aren't great (with the restaurant's dim lighting), but he also designed a menu that we displayed with the alcoholic drinks available. Since we weren't including any of that for the rehearsal, we wanted something displayed to allow guests to order it for themselves. Something small, but we were really happy we had a few little touches to the rehearsal dinner.


Married life.

So I went MIA just before the wedding, so I apologize for that. But really, what did you expect? I was planning a wedding, working fulltime, and busy being completely awesome! There was no time for blogging.

But guess what kiddos, now there is.

I fully intend on kind of wrapping up with all the prewedding, and wedding details through a series of posts.

How's the married life? It's bamf. Is it always peaches and cream? Hell no. It's not always going to be easy, we know that. But we've also been together for over nine years. So we've been through a lot. But being married, definitely an upgrade.

I would recommend it to anyone.

You can call me Mrs. Flamingofluffy, thanks.

Consider this girl legit.