wedding pocketbook.

To all my budget brides out there, do you ever feel anxious about sticking to the bottom line?

No? Stop lying.

Now that there are 44 days left before the wedding (ACK!), the wedding pocketbook gets opened pretty often. So I find myself constantly writing lists, making calendars, and trying to feel as organized as possible. We've tried to stay away from unneccessary expenses, and things we just don't need. But so many brides mention that things are going to "pop up," and extra money will just be spent.

So I continue making lists. Continue micromanaging our checkbook. I am determined to not overspend. I am determined to stay smart, and not fall in love with something adorable that I must have for the wedding [that I will probably never remember years later].

Wish me luck.


new fave.

"My favourite brides are the ones who realise it's a great day no matter what happens. So what if the groomsmen get a little drunk, or you get lip gloss on you gown before your walk down the aisle? Don't let all the little speed bumps bother you".
-Todd Ficus, Event Designer

Saw this on my new blog hot spot, 99+ Forever. Check it out. Srsly.


OOT guests

I was thinking of printing these up for some OOT bags for our guests. This is a perfect example of one of those, "If there's time, this would be way cool." So if it doesn't happen, it's totally fine.

But, I know I'd like to put something together for our out of town guests, to help make their stay a little more comfortable. From the weddings I've already attended, receiving a little something was a really nice treat.

Now don't get me wrong, it's not like they ever MADE the trip. Or actually helped the out of town stay a little easier. But, it made me feel included. Receiving something that was put together, made me feel like I was being thought of.

And that's what I want our guests to feel. Loved.

So some ideas of things to include: directions, timeline, phone numbers, thank you card, and some delicious treats.


That's where these adorable treats tags come in.


class participation, please.

It's about time to get to work on our finger fortunes, which will double as escort cards. Every finger fortune will have the guest's name printed onto a flap, and the table they are seated at under a flap.

Now what about the other stuff?

I want to write some fun fortune inspired questions on the flaps for the guests to play along with... but I need some help coming up with ideas. Got some?


My wedding band has been ordered.


triple word love.

This is the definition of a cool ring shot.

come get your ear of corn.

A wedding with truly original, and bamf invitations. Jealous.
At Once Wed