dip them in pinks and creams.

I think that I would like to attempt this design for my bouquet. The only trick is figuring out how many stems I'm going to need. Because, in order to keep costs down I would be ordering the silk flowers from online. Which means, I can't see them in person to ensure I'm buying enough (or not buying too many).
This 'flowers business' is exhausting.
But, I'm fairly confident that this picture is exactly what I want from my bouquet. Perhaps I'll take a trip to JoAnns and create one from the ranuculous they have in stock. It can help me get a better idea of what I will need. There. That's it.
Mom's visit, one more thing on the list.


Flowers. Ect.

If you don't remember, I've got a limited budget when it comes to flowers. And I've got a BIG bridal party (6 loverly ladies). So I've tossed around the idea of paper peonies (potentially a failure), silk flowers (potentially too expensive), and paper flowers like in the centerpieces (potentially also a failure).

Well these tootsie roll pops are certainly an alternative to the flower bouquet, but does anyone have any other ideas?

cake toppers that aim to please

Why, oh why, did I not find this for the bachellorette party I helped to throw??


registry ideas

Need an idea for a wedding gift?
I l.o.v.e. this bedding set from Bed Hog that has 'his' and 'hers' sides of the bed.

Funny thing is, that line down the middle would never stop me from taking over the whole bed.

cotton candy, move over.

You may already know that we are having french fries in paper cones as one of our appetizers. If not, I guess you do now. We've talked about having the cones constructed from vintage newspapers, rolled up. And I've thought about incorporating some Polish tradition by printing out music sheets of the Polish Wedding March to cover the cones.

But this spinoff from once wed is a great idea, too. And imagine the music being the Polish Wedding March. Too effin' perfect.

Now, we may not pursue any of the following ideas so don't get too excited. (Note, I am talking to myself in this statement.) We meet with our caterer in about two weeks, and I plan to discuss if we can do this with the french fry cones. Why? The caterer actually supplies the cones, which is uber convenient. However, that could limit our chance at creativity.

Plus side: less work.

Negative side: I'd have to find some other way to squeeze in this detail. Blah.
Sidebar: Cotton candy, that's it. There's my backup plan.

So jealous...

Too bad we don't live in Utah.

take some notes.

This past weekend I went to a bridal shower, and after went to a concert with a good friend from out of town. But while we were rocking out to 311, my fiance was eating buttered ears of corn and *riding the zipper all night long.

The fair.

Oh how I love the fair.

*disclaimer: my fiance is too much of a girl to ride the zipper.


in case you forgot

by me.


two seat bike, please.

I'm posting this for no other reason, but that I love it.
High five to someone who can tell me who to credit the picture to.

wedding tutu.

I've been engaged since last July, and still have not tried any wedding dresses on. It's not that I'm not excited over wearing a super pretty dress, it's that I'm nervous as hell about finding one.

I'll explain why, a bit later.

I could always go the route of a skirt, like this white wedding tutu skirt from AllieJDesigns. Made from 400- 500 yards of bridal tulle (depending on the length), you could know what it feels like to be a ballerina for at least one day.


Happy Earthday Week.

Do you ever think about how much paper can go into a wedding?

A lot. And you know what, all that paper can really take a hit to your budget. I mean, I think that invites are super important. To some they are the first impression of your wedding. Plus they show off what kind of style you are going for in your event. But I'm not willing to buy something I "kind of like" for "way too much money."

So for us, it just makes sense to do our own stationary.

Several reasons:

1. The groom is going to school for graphic design.
2. It costs much less to do it ourselves rather than hand our money over to Overpriced Wedding Company.
3. We're pretty specific about what we like and don't like.

And this past week we actually spent some time going over stationary ideas, and what we wanted them to look like. Let's say that Mel definitely has his work cut out for him.

Things we are going to do ourselves:
1. Invitations + Response Cards
2. Save the Dates
3. Origami Favors/ Place cards
4. Table Cards
5. Saturday Bash Invitations
6. Ceremony Programs
7. Rehearsal Dinner Menu Cards
8. Thank you cards

I may need to recycle twice as hard this week just to make up for all those poor trees.


Supersize me.

It's funny how sometimes things can't just come easy.

For example, our current issue being the guest count. Eerrrr. What we would like is a very small reception of 50 people, no children, intimate, and classy. With a follow up reception of potluck, children, no fuss, fun. Problem is, is that sometimes people like to disagree with your opinions on how you want to have your wedding.

I've actually spent all day today trying to figure out the right solution. Kids, no kids. Cousins, no cousins. Small wedding, bigger wedding. And after hours of tossing and turning and wasting several very nice trees worth of paper on listing making, I've made up my mind.

1. No kids.

2. Honorary cousins. [We've both chosen a cousin closest to us to invite to the formal reception, then all cousins and their wives will be invited to our casual reception.]

3. Slightly smaller than the bigger wedding.

That's it, my mind's made up. There's no turning back, now.