My STD (sh*t to do) List:

1. Ceremony- working on it. St. Mary Magdalen here we come.
2. Reception- Lake Mary Event Center.
3. Photography- Ben Sasso.
4. Catering- working on it. have a catering appointment next week with Levans.

My less important STD List:

1. Cake- tasting scheduled. two actually. but not until my momma comes to visit.
2. Music- momma wanted more options than an ipod wedding. so i'm checking djs. blah, too expensive.
3. Dress- goal one, less than 7 weeks away. Eerrr.


Kitty Bear said...

Oooooh, dress shopping should be fun! Good luck with the other stuff...

On a strangely familiar note, St. Mary Magdalen sounds..well, familiar.

Anyhoo: have fun!

flamingofluffy said...

thanks! ack dress shopping. i won't touch one until i can kick cellulite in the butt.

hah. not "have cellulite in the butt."