bonnie and clyde it.

So far, we aren't booking anything professional. In fact, to consider the budget we will just work with what we've got. And by that, we'll either use our own car for the wedding day unless something better pops up.

We have talked about chauffering around my bff and her fiance for their wedding day coming up. So then they can ride in style, and smooch it up in the backseat. While me and my boy sit awkwardly in the front seat. Hah. JK.

Or am I?


Dreamer said...

That's what my parents did, Back in the Day (aka, the early 80's.) A friend of the family had an old lincoln towncar that my dad liked, so the Man of Honor played Chauffer.
It's not really that bad of an idea.

chicncheap said...

We drove the car to the ceremony and away from the reception but rode in my parent's friend's diesel Mercedes S550 from the church to the reception. It was pretty nice. It was also nice chilling with my parents in the car.

The funniest part was me driving the Toyota Echo after the ceremony.

anna and the ring said...

Very sweet.