Balloon me over.

I thought about having really big balloon details at our Saturday Bash (the day after reception). But now I'm thinking it would be a really cute photo prop detail for the bridesmaid photos.

I want to take some pictures with the bridesmaids before the ceremony, I just hadn't figured out where or what they would look like. I know that I want them youthful, and playful, and vibrant. I know at least that.

Now the fiance, wants his boys to take preceremony photos at the local comic book store. Pretty dang cool.

I think that balloons are a start.

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Miss T said...

I LOVE those big balloons in photos - you should shoot over to axioo.com and look through their engagement shoots with balloons - I think it would be right up your alley.

Also the comic book store sounds great - my Mr B would love that.