wedding pocketbook.

To all my budget brides out there, do you ever feel anxious about sticking to the bottom line?

No? Stop lying.

Now that there are 44 days left before the wedding (ACK!), the wedding pocketbook gets opened pretty often. So I find myself constantly writing lists, making calendars, and trying to feel as organized as possible. We've tried to stay away from unneccessary expenses, and things we just don't need. But so many brides mention that things are going to "pop up," and extra money will just be spent.

So I continue making lists. Continue micromanaging our checkbook. I am determined to not overspend. I am determined to stay smart, and not fall in love with something adorable that I must have for the wedding [that I will probably never remember years later].

Wish me luck.


Mrs T said...

Best of luck! You're so right about things you don't need too. Stick to the plan and you'll be fine.

flamingofluffy said...