the E word.

My bff of 37 years and counting* just got officially engaged. The thing is, is that she has been unofficially engaged for some time now.

Her wedding date, dress, location, guest list....already done. The only thing that wasn't done, was the proposal.

It makes you think, what do you consider as the moment you are engaged?

Is it when you get The ring? When he proposes? When he asks the fam for permission?

I think it's the moment you both decide, that this is It. When you both decide that there is no one else in the world to make you happy. That moment, that you know, you want to be engaged. Because you want to be married. To that one person, forever.

So when they decided that they wanted to marry, they naturally started making plans. But when a ring snafu happened, my bff felt like she was going to be married before she was engaged.

Turns out, he bought a mood ring from a tourist gift shop behind her back when we went out for my birthday. And that night he got down on one knee and proposed.

So congratulations, bff, on your engagement. Regardless of when you actually got engaged. ;)

*Technically it's been less than 37 years. But not by much. ;)

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anna and the ring said...

For me we knew we (and most other people) were going to get married years before the ring appeared.

However it didn't feel serious until we had the ring.

In the end after 8 years no-one was surprised and my little brother didn't believe me as I hadn't changed my facebook status! Oh the youth of today!