Married life.

So I went MIA just before the wedding, so I apologize for that. But really, what did you expect? I was planning a wedding, working fulltime, and busy being completely awesome! There was no time for blogging.

But guess what kiddos, now there is.

I fully intend on kind of wrapping up with all the prewedding, and wedding details through a series of posts.

How's the married life? It's bamf. Is it always peaches and cream? Hell no. It's not always going to be easy, we know that. But we've also been together for over nine years. So we've been through a lot. But being married, definitely an upgrade.

I would recommend it to anyone.


Miss C said...

Totally loving your veil thingy :)

Can't wait to hear all about it! And congrats!

Mrs T said...

Loving the photos. Glad to hear that married life has been an upgrade!

flamingofluffy said...

Thanks, Miss C! I was supposed to have a flower fascinator... but can you believe that it all went so fast... I just never got around to putting it on!