my BFFs bridal blowout shower.

Are you getting an idea of what I have in store? Oh yeah, Vegas, baby. Vegas.

I figure the theme is going to be "Lucky in Love." Think Vegas. Little White Wedding Chapel. Elvis and Priscilla. Lots of red, black, and white.

We both don't want really cookie cutter boring wedding showers, where you sit around and play lots of games. Instead, we want something fun and youthful. And entertaining! So, I'm hoping this will do the trick.

As far as games, I know we will have at least that one where you can't say the word "wedding," or you lose the clothespin. But, instead of a clothespin, we will have little red dice accessories. Either a bracelet, or pin. I've already bought these red dice from ebay, to make them from.

I definitely want to do a quiz, printed onto an oversized playing card. (My adorably accommodating fiance is helping with this!) And the invitations will be really Vegas, Little White Wedding Chapel-y.

I wish I could just find an Elvis cake topper, without paying an arm and a leg! Even a little figurine would be fine!!


sunflowr0803 said...

OMG that sounds awesome! I can't wait!! :)

Miss T said...

This shower sounds amazing - wish you were throwing mine ;o) Has it been yet? How did it go?

mark lawrence said...

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