double love. the boy, and the flowers.

So me and the Fiance went to Old Time Pottery today, looking for some mason jars. Instead, we found some light pink ranunculus flowers!!! I've been looking times three, and haven't found a single stem. Online, in stores, wholesale websites... nothing. And then, on a whim we wandered into the flower section.

And there they were.

I am thrilled.

Now, technically I only found 7 stems worth of them (one stem is two full flowers and one bud), so I still want more. But, I have hope again.

And better yet, now I have some light pink flowers that I love.
**UPDATE: So I did it. I finally ordered silk flowers from afloral.com, that I've been looking at for way too long. I ordered a boatload of fuschia ranunculus, several light pink peonies, some light pink carnations, and some miniature pink ranunculus.

Now, I just have to wait.


chicncheap said...

They are something beautiful - are those real or silk?

flamingofluffy said...

those in the picture are real... i'm pretty sure. but that picture is from the knot. i got silk flowers, just like them, but a lighter shade of pink. :)

The Pittsburgh Pair said...

Hey, I found you via the Knot and see that you have "engagement photos" on your wish list on your blog. I'm an amateur photog and would be glad to do them for you for free (you'd get a CD with all the retouched shots to print as you would like). Let me know if you are interested. You can email me at knottiekwynn@gmail.com