under the sea.

i've talked about getting my girlfriends together to have a "prom night" for so long, that I'm half tempted to just buy this beauty. imagine just dressing up in loads of tulle, going out for a fancy dinner, maybe walking around walmart (hah), then having a house party decorated with a theme.

but, i'm a complete fan of having your bridesmaids wear vintage prom dress look-alikes. it would be completely adorable.


Dreamer said...

I was downtown on evening and saw some ladies barhopping.
In fun and fancy prom finery.
_1980's_ prom finery!
I've never seen a group of girls have so much fun!

I say go for it!

lysh said...

in highschool my 2 bestfriends and I made up our own "spirit week". we had a prom day, school-girl, and wacky-tacky day. we still talk about it to this day. we had so much fun being "rebellious". go for it!

The Professional Bridesmaid said...

ooooh. you must get that dress!

flamingofluffy said...

it's super beautiful, right?

and yeah, 80s prom night, is SO going to happen.

count on it.

Miss T said...

You should buy that pink dress - it is super cute!