let me air my dirrty laundry.

They came! The silk flowers from afloral.com came, and I love them! They shipped super duper quickly (I barely just ordered them), they were packaged really securely, and I'm so happy about what the flowers actually look like in person.

I was mostly worried about what the flowers I purchased, were going to look like when they got to me. I've seen those reality shows where they send off for a "great deal" on some "beautiful flowers." And what they get is a rip off for some butt ugly buds.

And you know, I really love them.

My laundry list of flowers:

I'm super stoked.


anna and the ring said...

Is that a picture of the ones you got? They look super amazing!

Miss T said...

I never thought of silk flowers - gee they're pretty! I ordered clay from DK designs on etsy - waiting for them now. Hope they turn out as nice as yours!