sign on the dotted line.

We haven't committed to a guest book, but I think this would rock. Having a vintage-styled poster for our friends and family to sign, so that we could frame it later in our home.
I've looked a bit online, and so far have found a few options.

Like the one above and below from spreadthelove.

Or even this one from lovliday.

Now, I've just got to find the one I love.


Miss C said...

Love the idea.

Think we're going to do the whole frame photo with a think border for people to sign thing :)

Mrs T said...

I think that is a fantastic idea!

flamingofluffy said...

Miss C- that sounds awesome! One of my bridesmaids did that for her wedding. They have it hanging in their living room, and it looks great.

Mrs T- thanks!

I talked to the fiance, and I think he's going to design us our own. I didn't really find anything I liked. :/