best week ever: installment uno.

This has been THE best week ever. Hands down.

First, I had my dress fitting. Now let me tell you, when I first picked up my dress- it didn't fit. Not like, it was a little snug.
It wouldn't zipper, AT ALL. So needless to say, I've been freakin' a bit since then.
So when the alterations person steps in to help me zipper the dress, and it goes RIGHT up, I about threw up with relief. I was shocked. So shocked, that it took me about fifteen minutes of her telling me that it fit fine, and that there really wasn't anything that needed alterations.

Except- that it was a bit too big.

Say what?

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Mrs T said...

YEY for dresses that fit! I swear the bridal salons order the wrong size in just to charge extra for alterations.

So glad it fits you now!