cotton candy, move over.

You may already know that we are having french fries in paper cones as one of our appetizers. If not, I guess you do now. We've talked about having the cones constructed from vintage newspapers, rolled up. And I've thought about incorporating some Polish tradition by printing out music sheets of the Polish Wedding March to cover the cones.

But this spinoff from once wed is a great idea, too. And imagine the music being the Polish Wedding March. Too effin' perfect.

Now, we may not pursue any of the following ideas so don't get too excited. (Note, I am talking to myself in this statement.) We meet with our caterer in about two weeks, and I plan to discuss if we can do this with the french fry cones. Why? The caterer actually supplies the cones, which is uber convenient. However, that could limit our chance at creativity.

Plus side: less work.

Negative side: I'd have to find some other way to squeeze in this detail. Blah.
Sidebar: Cotton candy, that's it. There's my backup plan.


Hannah Noel said...

lol I love that you're having fries. I am craving some right now!!

flamingofluffy said...

thanks! yeah i'm super excited!

sunflowr0803 said...

OMG I lovelovelove that paper!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I want music paper!!!!!!!!