Flowers. Ect.

If you don't remember, I've got a limited budget when it comes to flowers. And I've got a BIG bridal party (6 loverly ladies). So I've tossed around the idea of paper peonies (potentially a failure), silk flowers (potentially too expensive), and paper flowers like in the centerpieces (potentially also a failure).

Well these tootsie roll pops are certainly an alternative to the flower bouquet, but does anyone have any other ideas?


Jess said...

what if they carried something that wasnt floral? Ive seen purses and things like that, although I didnt like the actual purse idea. but you get my idea

The Thirty Something Bride said...

What about the single flower statement? A lily, gladiola or long stemmed rose tied with a pretty ribbon or lace?
I've bounced around the idea of carrying a hand full of rosemary because it's so pretty and fragrant and a little different.

flamingofluffy said...

yeah Jess, that's what I'm trying to figure out.

if there's something different I could use that the girls could carry :)

Hannah Noel said...

I agree-- single stems would definitely not add up!
Hobby Lobby is ALWAYS having a 50% off sale on their floral deparment.
It usually costs 50 cents to $1.50 per stem.
Seriously, you could save tons of money!


I literally squealed with excitement when I saw your post! This is exactly what I was looking for! The thought of spending money on flowers that no one really cares about other than me... really bothers me.

If you wanted to add some height to the bouquet
you could use something like that.

Tissue paper flowers are also another option. The girls could help you make a few too :)