Sparkler Sendoff

If you're trying to minimize costs (I am! I am!), then consider the idea of combining orders with other brides.

Often, you can get better deals through ordering wholesale. The only catch is that you usually need to order and bulk. And you may not need 288 of those 20" sparklers you love so much.

So make some contacts, some online bridal friends, and split the order!


Kitty Bear said...

I think one of us CFL Knotties just posted something about sparklers on the boards--looking for someone to share an order.

Was that you, or was that post your inspiration for the entry? :)

flamingofluffy said...

it was! i actually responded to that post on the knot... and i'm hoping she contacts me back :)

sunflowr0803 said...

I am doing the sparkler sendoff... it wouldn't be a July 4 wedding if I didn't! ;)

But I think I will be using the 36" ones. If I have any left over, you can have them! :)