Bowl me over.

We're not having a ring boy or flower girl, but if we were this would totally be the way to go.


We want to have an adults only reception.

Now when you mention this fact to people, you are either greeted with understanding or complete horror. Like you've just said a dirty word in church.

Let me elaborate, this was not a decision we came to lightly. We actually decided to SLASH our guest list to help maximize our budget. Our original dream was to have 100 people. Not uber big by any means. But, that was our game plan. Then, we realized that the biggest chunk of money was catering costs. So there went the 100 people. And we downsized to 50. If you knew me or Melvin, you might ask, "How in the world are you going to have just 50 people? Are you sniffing glue!" Because, we unfortunately have a lot of people we love that we can't see not having at our wedding. Eerrr.

We've done a few things to make a 50 person guest list possible. First things first: children. I think if you are going to invite one, you must invite them all. Well several of our close friends have children. And not just one, several. Well that could be anywhere from 5-9 kiddos. And the last thing we want to do is to offend them, or make them feel like we don't love their little ones [sidenote: we do. and i'm a picky kid liker.]. But if it means having to cut our grown up friends or family in order to not grossly exceed the guest list budget, we had to step up and make the decision to keep it adults only.

[btw- we're already at our OVER max. 65 people]

So yeah, that's the deal. Adults only is what we want. But how do we get it, without stepping on any toes? Hurting any feelings? And crippling our budget?

Any ideas on how to get the word out, from some brides who are going through the same thing?


Mrs. Kate said...

There are a few ways you can do this-you can put "Adults only reception to follow" on the invitation, you can send everyone a link to your wedding website and include "adults only reception" on the site, or you can personally call everyone who has children to let them know it's an adults only party but you can help them find a sitter if they are traveling with children.

Good luck-it's a tough one!

Little Spoon said...

I really like your blog! My fiancé and I have the same problem and have given up for the moment. I have a huge family (including a niece and nephew). I can't figure out how to invite my niece and nephew, but exclude everyone else's children. I'll keep an eye out on your posts to see if you come up with a solution!