Candle wax and pink balloons

Over the weekend, I helped to throw a bachelorette party for one of my friends. We had three parts to the event, the first one being "Pretty in Pink." Decor was 80s inspired, and entertainment was good old teenager style fun.

I made centerpieces from old pretzel containers covered with ribbon, and filled with silk peonies.

Vinyl records doubled as dinner plates.

With the tagline, "...like a record, she gets around..."

Homemade brownies were displayed in paper cones featuring quotes from Pretty in Pink.

The bride had a sweettooth, so we had an ice cream bar, with sprinkles, hot fudge, and caramel. Martini glasses were the perfect ice cream bowls.

Strawberry daiquiris fit perfectly into the "pink" theme.

The scavenger hunt we put together for her, in a decorated box filled with goodies.

Mission accomplished.

Here's to hoping that she had a good time.

Want to see where the inspiration came from? Go here.


One thing I learned from the Pretty in Pink party, was how QUICKLY tealights burn out! They lasted maybe 1.5 to 2 hours max., before burning out. So here I am thinking, well wait, these tealights are no different from the ones I was planning on using at the reception space. Anyone doing the math? The reception requires at least 4 hours of burning time.


It looks like I am nixing the idea of tealights. What's the point, right? A bunch of empty metal rings on the tables, are the opposite of what I am going for. So instead, I will stick with better quality taller candles, inside of small glasses. So here's a tip for anyone using votive holders for all of these candles.

courtesy of Real Simple

Use Cooking Spray to Keep Candles Mess-Free
Original purpose: Creating a nonstick cookie sheet.Aha! use: Keeping candle holders clean. Celebrating by candlelight? Spray the inside of a votive holder with a thin coating before dropping in a tealight. After the candle has burned down, the remaining wax will slip out. Reward: An easy way to replace an old flame.


CheapAndEasy said...

That is FANTASTIC!! I love the while thing.

Kitty Bear said...

That's so awesome! Hope my girls do something fun for me :)

sunflowr0803 said...

I love EVERYTHING you did!! My favorite is definitely the paper cones, and the customized records, and of course - the peonies!

I am SOOOOO bummed I missed it. :(

flamingofluffy said...

thanks soooo much!!

i hope that she liked it, she did ask if she could take home one of the records... and some of the decorations ;)

so that's a good sign!