All the ladies in the house....

Do you ever have those ideas that kind of sneak up on you, and *smack* you right in the face??Good! Then you'll understand why I'm so excited.

For those of you reading along, you may already know about the apron I'm making for reception dollar dance. For everyone else, just click here. Well I'm considering asking the special ladies in my family to send me a scrap of fabric, that I can use to detail the apron.

Mom Dale.
Grandma Cline.

Each one of these women in my family have had successful loves, and healthy marriages. So consider it my way of trying to "steal some luck."

Eerr. It's just an idea so far. We'll see how people respond.


sunflowr0803 said...

That's a GREAT idea!!! :) You're so smart!

Jess and Frankie said...

i love it!

Kitty Bear said...

That's cute!

Hannah Noel said...

That sounds so sweet =)