I pledge my love to you...

Lisa, aka Ejacks84, writes on her knot blog....

"The engagement period is a lot like pledging. (yeah... go ahead and laugh, but you know it's true).

While you are a pledge, you have no idea how long the process is going to last or how it will end, but if you don't count that, there are a lot of similarities. With wedding planning, you get the control of setting the date and planning the way everything will go.

So why is wedding planning like pledging? Well you see, during planning, you have to do a bunch of tasks you probably would never do in your normal life. You also exercise and diet, which isn't something you'd normally do (or at least I wouldn't). And you all of a sudden get into arts and crafts. Remember having to make paddles for you big brother or sister? Well take that and multiply it by 1,000,000. Now it's invitations, card boxes, programs... and the list goes on. And by the end of the whole process, you are just exhausted and want the whole thing to be over with.

The grooms-to-be go through a test- can you handle being with the bridezilla your fiancee has turned into? Can you handle another conversation about paper, linen colors, and classical song choices for the ceremony? Can you handle another pre-marital counseling session or another dance lesson?

Finally, after a year or so, you make it through the entire process (hopefully). You are no longer a pledge (engaged), but something bigger than that, something special, new and different. You are part of a wonderful team, you are never alone, someone always has your back.
So I'm ready for the pledging to end. Soon I'll be getting my "letters" (Sosa), and I'm keeping them forever.

Some people end up turning in their letters, and some even end up joining a different organization. But not me... because like my sisters, taught me, Hoy y Siempre... "

Well said.

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