you can call me mr. [and mrs.] clean

There are many traditional polish dances, the most common being the “money dance” or “dollar dance”. This is when the bride starts off dancing with her father and then other male guests “cut-in” to dance with the bride, paying a dollar (or more) for the honor. This is to give the bride “pin” money to bring to the marriage. The money is thrown in an apron or bag but in the past was actually pinned to the bride.

Until I saw it it done at my friend Leslee's wedding, I've always thought it was a little tacky. She proved me wrong. My mom had mentioned that we should do it, but I also had no clue it was a Polish tradition.
And dang, as long as I have an excuse to wear a scrubtastic apron like the ones from snappyshop's etsy site, I'm down.

I just thought it was an excuse to snag some C-notes.


Kitty Bear said...

It's a Polish tradition? LOL. I AM Polish and never really knew that! I don't plan to do it at my wedding...but it's always good to learn some new stuff :)

P.S. Guess I'm a *bad* Polack, eh? ;)

flamingofluffy said...

yeah, i didn't know that until this whole wedding planning business got started!

somehow it made me feel a little better about the "asking people for singles" just to dance with me....

now knowing that it's a tradition ;)

flamingofluffy said...

and BTW-

hello fellow polock!!!