Stop and Smell the Fake Roses.

So I have decided to do the flowers myself, to keep the budget in tow. And since I've been having some trouble finding exactly what I want in stores, I've started scouring the internet looking for some wholesale silk flowers.
My goal is to find peonies, ranunculus, and maybe some other extras for better deals than having a professional work their wonders. I think in the next few weeks, I will make some purchases online, so that I can attempt to put the bouquets together the week my Mom visits.
Cross your fingers for me.


Kitty Bear said...

*Knottie vibes! for a great DIY* You have so many cute ideas..how could this one not turn out well? :)

flamingofluffy said...

aawww thanks! well, i'm working on it... i'm trying to figure out exactly how many flowers i need..

ack online ordering. not fun :)