We can't all win.

When we first starting wedding planning, it was important to consider what we wanted from our wedding. I asked him what were his top priorities, and I mentioned mine. The top things that we wanted, and should focus on first and foremost.

His was open bar.

Mine was photography.

Well, after we started pricing things for the wedding, I think we quickly realized which dream had to die. And by which, I do mean the open bar. To be honest, it was a priority of mine, as well. We both said we were flexible with even a beer/wine selection, instead of having an open bar. But even to do that, when you really break down the cost of having that present, having a bartender on site, and paying the fees per person that is associated with liquor at reception halls....well you get the point. It's not cheap.

And we talked about it, if we had the choice between having a "dry wedding" or using the money to move to a new home... we would choose the extra money. So we did. It was hard, but also a lot more realistic to us.

As far as photography, that was tricky at first. But I got lucky, and through a referral found someone I feel comfortable and confident about. It was important to me, that even if we had our wedding in a dirty old alley, we should have great pictures to look back on.

Perhaps as great as the one of this couple.

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Hannah Noel said...

That's so awesome that you guys can work together and make good compromises like that (and still be happy at the end of the day!)

Your photography will be so awesome!