officially attacked by tulle

It happened. I finally gave in and went dress shopping, though I've been engaged since July 3rd.

It was me, my Mom, Momma Dos, and Bff Numero Uno. We went to Alfred Angelo's first, because there was one dress in particular that I am in total love with.

Here's the one.

But it did NOT look good. Nopes.

So after trying on like four total dresses, I wanted to head over to David's Bridal. Now, even though I've avoided trying dresses on... I'm a firm believer in doing a bit of wedding research. These aren't $50 dresses. I wanted to know what details I liked, and didn't like before getting to a pushy ::coughcough:: err, I mean, very helpful associate. In fact, going dress shopping I had written down the particular styles I wanted to try on before leaving.

Alfred Angelo had only one style (shown above) I knew I was trying on, and the rest I just kept an open mind and let the associate pull things that would supposedly fit well on my body type. At David's Bridal, I had a longer list. And I tried maybe two or three dresses. At least two, didn't even make it out of the dressing room.

Then I got to try on the one dress that I've loved the minute I saw it online, and the style number on the top of my list. Literally, I had memorized the style number. I could tell you right now, but the fiance does occasionally glance at my blog. And this girl is taking no chances. ;)

Looks like I found my dress.

The only size availabe in the store was a good two sizes smaller than what I would need, and I still knew that it was The dress.


So folks, what have we learned here today?

1. Do your research. Know what you like, what you don't like. And don't be afraid to speak up! (I sent a few dresses back out of the fitting room without trying on, that were NOT me.)

2. Be flexible like Gumby. Allow the associates to recommend dresses that would flatter your shape. Things that you may not have considered. Keep an open mind. (There was one dress that everyone loved, and I only had it because the associate suggested it to me.)

3. Go with your gut. The dress I loved online, on the hanger, and on MY BODY, made me smile. It helped that everyone else said they loved it, but mattered more that I loved it.

And the fiance? After telling him I found The dress... his only question was,

"Is it made of all denim?"

Because as long as we wear all denim from head to toe at our wedding, we'll be good to go. Thanks Britney and Justin, for inspiring couples everywhere.


august15bride said...

I love the pictures of that dress. But like you, what I ended up with was not my "dream dress" before I walked in. I loved simple, trumpet shaped gowns. I ended up with one very similar to the pictures you posted, but even more decadant. I only tried it on because the assistant suggested it. And it's beautiful! So I definately agree - keep an open mind!

Tina <3 said...

That is soooooooooo exciting! Your shopping went much easier and quicker than mine. I wish i knew the style number so i could look it up. Congrats!

sunflowr0803 said...