i'm going to felt you up.

I may have found an alternative to my paper flower bouquets.

Because, I've been a little hesistant about the paper flowers in the bouquets. Not in the centerpieces at all. But most certainly in the bouquets. Why?

Well, I haven't put a bouquet together before. And, I've tried tissue paper flowers before... and let me tell you it wasn't pretty. So needless to say I was a little worried about what I was attempting.

This on the other hand may be an idea worth attempting. Yay.

Sidebar: I already have boatloads of felt, since I make felt monsters for etsy. Score!


Kitty Bear said...

That's an awesome idea! 'Course, I am partial to blue, so I already loved the pics in this entry :D

You make felt monsters? Cool :)

sunflowr0803 said...

Those flowers are so cute! :) Love the idea!

flamingofluffy said...


and yeah, kitty bear i do. :)