i'm so It.

Jess at Project: 10K Wedding tagged me!!


8 things I look forward to:

living with Melvin
the wedding weekend festivities
my Mom visiting for a week and a half
not working for two weeks
moving to california
getting my etsy shop to take speed
seeing my BFF fall in love and get married :)
having my BM m. goldstein visit before she goes off to Berkeley

8 things I did yesterday:

watched Bride Wars with my Mom
went dress shopping for my Mom's wedding outfit (ps. she looks fab)
went to look at the reception location with my bff and Mom
played with Mr. Bigguns (my bunny bff)
cooked stuffed crab shells and baked potatoes for dinner
watched most of the Biggest Loser finale (3 hours, for reals?)
helped clean up dead doggy ashes from a carpet. ick. sad.
talked boys with the girls

8 Things I Wish/Hope I Could Do:

be a skinny minnie

be in a band

quit my job ;) err rather find a different one

pursue art full time

participate in a marathon

resist chocolate. it's impossible.

keep my room clean. it's impossible.

be an event planner

8 Shows I Watch:

one tree hill


how i met your mother


housewifes of nyc

extreme home makeover

biggest loser

any wedding show (let's just be honest)

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