inspiration, bring it on.

I don't know if you've noticed, but my posts have been more and more frequently talking about overall style. My dress. Fiance's cufflinks. BPar-tay flowers. You get the drift.

I think at this stage of planning, I'm trying to nail the style of the wedding party. Now that I've got my dress (!) and veil out of the way, I can finally start looking for shoes and accessories.

As far as my bridesmaids, I've got only a couple things solidified.
Short, black cocktail dress. No cotton, or jersey knit, so that they are formal enough.
Solid black heels.

That's it.

And if you've read some of my previous posts, you may have seen some ideas for hair fascinators, headbands, barrettes. All sorts of good stuff. I just have to figure out exactly what I want. I know I want to incorporate color (shades of pink), and I want accessories that will tie each bridesmaid together. Because though they will all have black cocktail dresses, they will all be different styles.

So the search for style begins.

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