life after the wedding.

Consider this a continuation of the previous post.
Pinwheels and pop rocks featured this sexxy wedding shoe option on her blog, and I nearly pooped my pants. Figuratively.

It's got both the color I want, and has a super fun detail. Who doesn't love bows?

However, I am not Tyra Banks. I do not walk runways for a living. And I am not a professional stilt walker at Disney. Therefore, aren't 3 3/4" heels a smidge unrealistic?

On the flipside, I could begin my career as a pro basketball player once the whole wedding thang with done. With style, of course.


chicncheap said...

Those shoes are too cute and can go with so many outfits!

I used to think I couldn't wear high heels. Then I realized my sandals were all 3.5"! So you never know, you could be a closet runway model after all!

sunflowr0803 said...

I LOVE them!! You must get them!