ring tailed lemurs and flamingos.

I finally did it.
I have finally asked my last close girlfriend to be a bridesmaid.

::insert me jumping up and down with glee::

I have been stalling for some time now, because I'm not great at asking people for things. Well perhaps I should clarify. I am not great at asking people for things, if there is a chance they may say no.
So the idea of asking someone to be a bridesmaid, travel out of state, buy a dress and shoes, come to a rehearsal dinner, and whatever else may be associated with bridesmaidial duties...is a stretch for me.

But, the idea of not asking the people I did was not really an option. I couldn't imagine not having the girls I have, with me the day I get married. To have fun, get pretty, say a few vows, and let our hair down for the night- they were exactly who I would want by my side.

So glad I did it.


Kitty Bear said...

Yay! Sometimes it is hard to ask about important things like that, but I'm glad you have all your best girls :)

sunflowr0803 said...

Yay, congrats! :)